Home Gym Starter Guide

There is no need to get stressed out over creating your own home gym, but it can be intimidating when trying to find the right equipment.  Many people’s instincts are to get a big home gym machine, but they usually end up sitting in the corner collecting dust.  The key to your first few purchases is to think basic, simple and versatile.  With these ideas in mind, here are a few ideal home gym starter items.

Resistance bands are a basic item that can help in many ways.  For beginners, it can offer a workout comparable to free weights or gym machines.  With a door attachment, you can recreate many effective cable exercises to work further muscle groups.  For more advanced users, it can be a great tool for warming up and stretching.

Dumbbells are a must have for any gym.  To save space and money, consider getting a pair of adjustable dumbbells.  There are manual and automatic varieties of adjustable dumbbells but each will do just fine.  For the most popular variety of dumbbells, check out bowflex adjustable dumbbells.  Their convenient dial lets you change how much weight you are using in seconds.

With your dumbbells in hand, you can perform dozens of exercises working a plethora of muscle groups.  To add even more exercises to your repertoire, consider purchasing a weight bench.  Certain exercises require you to be seated or laying down to effectively work.  Many will make the mistake of just using a chair they have around the house, but this can lead to injuries, as the benches are designed to support you and encourage correct posture.  If you are crunched for space, the best weight bench you could get would be a collapsible or folding variety so that you can not have it take up space when you don’t need it.

These three items are relatively inexpensive and can allow you to perform a very effective home workout.  Once you have key items like these in place, you can cancel your gym membership and start saving the money you would have spent on bigger and better pieces of home gym equipment.

Fitness Home Gym Tips

When I first joined my gym, it was great.  But recently, the gym I belong to has started offering discounted memberships for new members and it has been too full for me to really enjoy my workout.  I decided to start my own fitness home gym instead and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  In certain aspects it can’t compete with the variety of gym machines that a gym has, but when I am pressed for time or don’t feel like the hassle, using my home gym is great.
Despite not having a large budget, I was able to get several versatile items that I could use for multiple muscle groups and exercises.  The first was an adjustable dumbbell.  Instead of buying a bunch of dumbbells of a set weight, the adjustable dumbbell allowed me to save a bit of money.  It is also helpful for a variety of workouts making it a smart buy.
I decided to also buy an inflatable workout ball based on the recommendation of a friend.  After using it a few times, I understood exactly why.  Not only was it phenomenal for stretching at the end of a workout, it can be used in so many different ways to get a fantastic workout.  My personal favorite has to be working my core.  After a few weeks of using the exercise ball, I started seeing results in my abs and those pesky obliques.
My last purchase was a pull up bar that attaches to my door frame.  I opted for a model with multiple grip positions to allow myself to work several key muscle groups.  Another helpful way to use the pull up bar is actually on the floor to perform tricep dips and for a more challenging pushup.
All in all, setting up my fitness home gym was a great time saver.  I started doing my exercises a few nights a week while watching my favorite TV shows.  By doing both activities at once, I was able to have extra time for something or someone else.  A minimal investment has helped me immensely in so many different ways.
For other helpful tips for starting your own home gym, check out The Fitness Home Gym Guide.

Top Home Gym Machine Brands

Finding the right home gym equipment can be a challenge.  There are so many brands and equipment models to choose that it can be difficult to make any type of decision on which machine to buy.  However, there are some very trusted brands on the market that consistently produce top of the line quality home gyms.   Here are a few of the top brands to consider:

1. Cybex

Cybex is one of the major manufacturers of high quality home gym equipment on the market today for commercial use. Cybex home gym machines are designed to work naturally with the body and are used by beginners as well as professionals. Over one hundred and fifty quality pieces of gym equipment is available at Cybex including plate loaded, modular, and free weights as well as three different lines of strength equipment. The Cybex company has two facilities and employees over six hundred people. Cybex products are very expensive but well worth the price.

2. Nautilus

Nautilus makes home gym equipment for all the different parts of the body. They have a cheap look but the quality of these home gym machines is highly rated. Although Nautilus is a level down from Cybex their selection of gym machines has a wider variety of options. Nautilus, Inc. has a portfolio of brands such as Nautilus®, Bowflex®, Schwinn® Fitness and Universal®. Nautilus is also very expensive but again well worth the price.

3. Bowflex

Bowflex is by far the best brand in home gyms. The Bowflex power pro is an excellent piece of equipment. The power pro is quite small, is simple to use, and has sixty exercises all in one. It is just like having your very own gym in your home. Again Bowflex is very expensive but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

There are many types of home gym machines on the market today but these three companies make the highest quality brands. There is no need to join a gym when you can go out and buy quality home equipment that you can use at any time of the day or night. It may cost quite a bit of money but all in all it is very well worth it.