Piles prevention is better than a cure

Hemorrhoids treatment is a matter that most people will not need to think hard about. Most piles sufferers never have to put up with a return bout again, so nobody really considers piles prevention until they experience piles.

Most piles problems are due to constipation or diarrhea, either of which can be cured by a well-planned diet that involves fiber-rich foods and plenty source of drinking water.« Continue »

When to realise you need treatment for piles

One of the most apparent indicator of hemorrhoids which suggests piles treatment is the fact that they are normally felt and witnessed, being a tiny grape-like bulge protruding from the anus, which is the typical appearance of prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. The dimension, shape and number of hemorrhoids differ, from one patient to another.

A hemorrhoid could be bigger than a normal grape, even a dimension of the walnut, but commonly hemorrhoids are the dimension of the chick pea.« Continue »

Bleeding Piles and Hemorrhoid Treatment

Bleeding is probably the most serious symptom of hemorrhoids. Most people

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will be shocked and will be very anxious when they have observed blood smudges on the toilet paper or the toilet bowl after a bowel movement but with some proper piles treatment there is nothing to be worried about.

For many folks, piles cause a great deal of pain and trouble.« Continue »