Buying Running Shoes for Beginners

If you are going through this article you might have probably decided to start running. Congratulations on your decision to pursue a healthier lifestyle. You might be running because of your health or because you enjoy it immensely. Whatever the reason is, you do have to look for the perfect running shoes to help you with the job. People have different feet so naturally there are quite a few kinds of running shoes available on the market.

Making this choice can be a bit confusing. You need some basic knowledge regarding this and pretty soon you will be clear on what to do in order to choose the perfect pair for you to run with.

The type of running shoes you get is dependent on whether you have a low foot arch, a normal foot arch, or a high foot arch. It also depends on your gait or how your foot impacts the ground you are running on. You might be mildly overpronating, supine, or neutral. Finally, the kind of surface you run on will also play a role in choosing the shoes.

Based on the different factors above, there are four basic kinds of running shoes. There are those that give cushioning, stability, motion control, and trail shoes. You can also get toning shoes such as the Reebok Easytone. These shoes help you burn calories and tone your leg muscles.

How then will you know which pair of running shoes to get? It is best to ask a professional to look at your running gait by looking at a video of how you run. He or she can also measure the arch of your foot. There is no need to go to a doctor to do this since there are plenty of specialty stores who can do the service free of charge. See to it that you go to somebody who is experienced and make sure to go for a second opinion or even a third.

This evaluation will tell you which pair of shoes to get based on the type you fall in. You might be overlapping several kinds since usually running shoes form a combination of the four. This is why fitting the shoe is necessary. Shoes like the New Balance 993 come in wide and narrow sizes, but others might only come in one width. After your foot has been evaluated and you have tried on a couple of pairs, find the pair that makes you feel best. Walk around with them. You should get the best shoes since you will spend a long time wearing them.

Now that you have the perfect running shoes, you have to figure out when they should be replaced. Wearing old or worn out shoes is a potential cause for injury so replace them right away if you need to. It is hard to determine what time is the best type; again it depends on how and where you run. Most people replace theirs after running 400 miles or so.