Unknown Benefits of Krill Oil

We’ve been searching for the perfect supplement that will help us overcome modern diseases that have been affecting us for decades now. Good help is really hard to come by. But don’t falter. There’s a pill that is making such a noise in the health industry nowadays. It’s been called as the ‘miracle pill’ by some. One makes it so good is because it’s comes from a natural source and can help prevent and reduce the risk of acquiring modern diseases. This pill is none other than Krill Oil.

Krill Oil is the oil extracted from a shrimp-like marine creature called Krill which is abundant that it can be found in almost all the oceans of the Earth. Krill places near the bottom of the food chain because larger marine animals feast on them. Many studies are being conducted regarding the healthful benefits of Krill Oil as a supplement.

There are two main nutrients that can be found in Krill Oil that are very beneficial to humans and they are Omega-3 and Astaxanthin.

Omega-3 has been found to;

  • – Lower the risk of getting cancer
  • – Increase survival of prostate cancer patients
  • – Reduce prostate tumor growth
  • – Improves appetite, weight and quality of life
  • – Reduce heart ailment risks
  • – Reduce the mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases by 30%
  • – Speed up recovery from major depression
  • – Improves learning and behavioral problems in children
  • – Lower high blood pressure
  • – Lower high cholesterol
  • – Improves birth weight in pregnancy
  • – Help prevent the risk of getting neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Improves memory

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that can also be found in crustaceans and other fish like salmon and trout. Being an antioxidant, it is found to;

  • – Prevent the chemical reaction of oxidation in the skin. This reaction produces free radicals that damages that skin
  • – Have anti-inflammatory effects so it’s perfect for joint pain remedies
  • – Cross to brain-blood barrier and permits it to protect the eye and the rest of the central nervous system including the brain from free radicals.

Taking into account all of these benefits, it is quite acceptable that Krill Oil is an all-in-one supplement for the sick, depressed, health and beauty conscious.

Simple Home Spa Ideas

There are so many fantastic home spa ideas that can be created in the kitchen. From aromatherapy, to home facials, even hair care products can be made quite simply. Some of the most basic household items can turn a person’s home into a rival for the finest spa.

Herbal bath salts are one of the easiest and least expensive kitchen treatments that a person can make. All that is needed is one quarter of a cup of regular baking soda, one half of a cup of sea salt, and a few drops of essential oil. All ingredients are mixed together, with no cooking, refrigerating, or any other work. This bath treatment will actually last up to eight months.

This one is a huge money saver. Who does not love the smells of the beach? What stands out predominately in one’s mind is coca butter and suntan lotion. Generally commercial lotions are quite expensive, but making it at home is both simple, and a serious bargain. All that you will need for this is a can of coconut milk, a medium size sauce pan, and an air tight bottle. Simply pour the milk into the pan and boil it on medium temperature until the oil and the solids separate. Strain the liquid, and pour it into the airtight container. The smell of this alone is fantastic, but it also works great. This is a food quality item that may be used for cooking as well, as long as it is properly stored.

One of, if not the cheapest way to create a relaxing spa atmosphere is to simply add a few drops of essential oil to the shower or bath tub. This will create the sense of a rose bath, relaxing, lavender, or invigorating mint. Pretty much any scent that a person prefers or has need for can be used. This will literally cost pennies. One of the most essential beauty tips is to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to de-stress and relax. An aromatherapy bath is the perfect way to wind down at the end of a long day.

Everyone can find a nice smooth rock. This is an idea that require a partner to help. Find and perfectly clean a few smooth rounded rocks. Heat them in a pan of boiling water, and allow them to cool to the touch. Use these rocks as a massage tool, preferably with massage oil. This will be the most relaxing home treatment imaginable.

Spending an entire day being pampered is a dream for anyone. Home facials and spa treatments can help you combat the effects of the elements, makeup, aging and other detrimental factors to your skin. Trying these home spa ideas can make this possible without requiring that you spend a fortune.

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What does Aromatherapy Associates do?

Aromatherapy is known as the use of highly concentrated extracts of trees, plants, herbs and flowers in order to promote health and well-being. The

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extracts is question are known as essential oils and hold lots of healing properties and have benefits psychologically, physiologically and emotionally.

Aromatherapy as an art form was practiced by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans.« Continue »