Smart Stomach Exercises that Work for You

Still jealous of those people who have got the most amazing abs? Stop envying them and start on these stomach exercises that will give you that flat stomach. Make these exercises a part of your fitness fprogram and start working on those stubborn belly fats. Stomach exercises for men are similar to stomach exercises for women and both work to trim down inches from your waist.

Today, we focus on a few ways to exercise in the comfort of your own home without the need for gym equipment to tone abs through flat stomach exercises.

These are the three best stomach exercises that I often include in my regimen. I know most of you are familiar with these or variations of these while using the P90X program. They are all solid exercises but I personally know that they can also be the most daunting to perform. These exercises focus mainly on the lower abdominal area where most of us tend to lose fat last.

These are great exercises that can help women who just had given birth and men who want to lose their beer bellies.

Let’s start with these exercises:

Scissor Kicks

You lie on your back and raise your right leg up in the air. The left leg is extended straight while keeping it barely above the ground. Keep your upper extremities flat on the floor.

By holding this position, you are developing tension in your lower abdomen. After four counts, alternate your legs and repeat twenty five times. I recommend that you do one to three sets of these during your basic workout or depending on the other exercises that you include in your workout.

Hip Raises

Again, we are flat on our back, arms and hands on the floor. Make a diamond shape with your legs bent  and keep your knees facing outward and away from each other. The soles of your feet must touch together. Raise your legs up in the air and use your arms to help push your lower extremities from the floor. Then lower your legs again, do these twenty five times for three sets.

Pulse Ups

You are lying flat on your back again and keep everything flat on the floor. Extend both legs in the air similar to Scissor Kicks but keep your feet together. Flex your feet and feel the tension working up from your calves to your core.

Knees should be slightly bent while keeping your feet in the air and at the level of your waist. Make the bend last for one or two counts and then straighten your legs again. You should be careful not to bend your knees too far or you will be doing something similar to Hip Raises.

This set is about speed and keeping form. Try to attempt 25 repetitions for each set. Try three sets of these exercises.

Some Final Thoughts

Do not take very long breaks, but if you must, make it no more than 10 to 15 seconds. Do not over exert yourself, doing so would only cause more harm than good. This is a long term commitment, don’t get frustrated if you don’t see results immediately.

Try these exercises today and let me know if you have any questions.