How to Fit Your Workout Plans into Your Schedule

A big reason why so many people aren’t in good shape is because they believe that adopting a worthwhile workout plan takes a lot of discipline, and that it’s impossible to get results unless you fully commit to your fitness. But guess what? You can transform your body by only working out for a few hours each week.

One of the main tricks for doing so is to actually do the opposite of what most people do. Most athletes in training use workout plans that target one muscle group repeatedly over a long period of time with the hope of perfecting it. But in fact, you should change your workout emphasis constantly because your body responds best to ever-changing exercises. For one example of how, check out the “muscle confusion” strategy employed in the P90X treatment. P90X succeeds first by getting you spend a lot of time working out, and second by mixing up the types of exercises day by day.

You don’t need to devote the amount of time to your work out routines that P90X requires, though. Spending 90 minutes per day is just not possible for most business professionals or busy people in general. Instead, if you’re consistent enough, you can actually get the same results by spending only an average of 15 minutes per day working out.

The first tip is to only work out every other day, for 30 minutes each time (resulting in the 15 minute average). Then, when you do work out, be sure to target both small and large muscle groups at the same time… for example, work out your legs as well as your arms and chest. This ensures the optimum hormonal release which your body needs to promote muscle building.

Combining consistent training with muscle confusion and varied exercises that fit together as described above is the best way to maximize your results from working out.